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Hatim Sharif

Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio

Hatim Sharif, Ph.D., P.E., MPH, is a professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio. In his lab, Hydrometeorological and Geospatial Analytics, his group uses environmental data, modeling techniques, and geospatial data analytics to try to make the Earth a better place. They use algorithms that process satellite and radar observations of the Earth and the atmosphere and provide it in visual, text, and tabular formats that end users can understand and employ in different applications. His group uses advanced atmospheric forecasting, climate predictions, state-of-the-art hydrological modeling, spatio-temporal analysis, and visualization techniques to advance flood modeling and prediction in terms of accuracy and specificity to protect people and infrastructure. Dr. Sharif has a 20-year experience in hydrologic modeling and forecasting. Dr. Sharif's projects (totaling more than $10 million) are funded by agencies such as NASA, National Science Foundation, US Departments of Defense, Transportation, Agriculture and Education, National Weather Service, Army Corps of Engineers, Texas Department of Transportation, CPS Energy, San Antonio River Authority and the City of San Antonio. Dr. Sharif has been invited as senior specialist to perform hydrology research at international institutions in the United States, France, Taiwan, and the Middle East.

Hatim Sharif: TeamMember
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