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Member Projects

FAS4 Flood Warning System for TMC

Philip B. Bedient, Nick Fang, & Baxter Vieux

Designed by Dr. Philip Bedient at Rice University, with assistance from Dr. Nick Fang and Dr. Baxter Vieux, FAS4 is an integrated system that predicts inundation levels caused by heavy rainfall events in order to provide lead-time for flood-response decisions. Drs. Bedient and Vieux were the first to implement a fully operational radar-based system in the U.S. For over twenty years, FAS4 has monitored the Brays Bayou Watershed to provide vital flood information to the Texas Medical Center. ($2.5 million from TMC/FEMA over 20 years).

Bedient_FAS4_Radar Rainfall Image_Harvey
Sea creature

Aquatic Research Grant

January 12, 2023

Since 2000, our contributions have made an impact on the lives of people from all over the world. Our Aquatic Research Grant was a huge success, and has allowed our recipients to strengthen and expand their outreach. We believe that this is an important and worthy cause, and we are honored to lend a helping hand.

Environmental Monitoring Grant

January 12, 2023

For many years, our contributions have impacted the lives of people from all over the world. Our Environmental Monitoring Grant is one of its kind, and has continuously changed the lives of those who have benefited from our support. We stay in close contact with all the recipients of our grants, and have seen unbelievable success stories that have come from these fine individuals.

Environmental Worker
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